Centre Point Hospitality – Paradise on Earth!


Centre Point Hospitality

Heaven is usually visualized as some far away beautiful place beyond the reach of any human alive. Some perceive it to be a calm, clean, serene place close to nature where one can find some relaxation and peace of mind. Away from the everyday tensions, where we can close our eyes and forget about just everything happening in our life, and be aware of our body and senses completely. Some Godly unknown Place, where we long to be treated royally, get good food to eat, and somewhere we needn’t worry about anything!

Let us worry for you while you stay. Allow us to pamper you up thoroughly and rejuvenate you completely! So, when you walk out from here, you face life with a new zest and vitality! One time with us, and you are sure to come back. We guarantee that !

Experience ‘Paradise’ with us at Centre Point Hospitality, the no.1 Leader in Executive Serviced Apartments, Hotels & Residence in Thailand, operating as many as 8 properties in prime locations in Bangkok.


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