Tourism council expects 7m visitors to Thailand in 3rd quarter




The Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) is expecting 7 million tourists to visit Thailand during the third quarter, while the government expects an income of 2.2 trillion baht from tourism for the entire year.

TCT’s President Ittirith Kinglake has revealed the overview of the tourism industry during the second half of 2015, saying fewer tourists are visiting the country during the ‘low-season’ third quarter. However tourists from China, Malaysia, and Japan are constantly traveling to Thailand during this period.

He has said that the number of tourists is expected to increase during the high season between the third and fourth quarter, while more European tourists are expected to visit Thailand.

He then disclosed that the number of tourists for the third quarter is expected to reach 7 million people, while this figure for the entire year is estimated at 29 million people. Gross income from tourism for the entire year is expected to reach the government’s projected point at 2.2 trillion baht, 1.44 trillion from international visitors and 800 billion baht from the domestic market.

TCT’s President has addressed that Thailand’s tourism industry during 2015’s second half is still exposed to both political and economic risks, while these issues will be monitored closely. The government intends to attract good quality tourists that will likely spur more spending in the tourism scene in 2016 by focusing on quality rather than quantity. Good quality tourists will also benefit to the nation’s natural conservation.

On the realization of ASEAN Community, TCT’s President envisions that Thailand’s tourism sector will strongly benefit from the regional community, as the country has its strength in beautiful attractions. However Thailand also needs to increase its competitiveness on the quality of its products, services, safety and convenience.

— NNT 2015-08-08

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