Environmentalist wants Khao Yai closed in the summer


A network for the protection of the Dong Phayayen – Khao Yai Forest Complex has called on the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to take action against illegal logging and to protect wildlife.

Network president, Mr. Krittichai Sukmangsa, has submitted a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment Inspector Sakol Tinagul in which he proposed that Khao Yao National Park be closed during the dry season to keep the forest and wildlife undisturbed.

Mr. Krittichai also urged the Ministry to find ways to prevent animals from leaving the national park to find food as some were killed by cars while many were trying to steal food from tourists.

In addition, he cited the need to investigate how the money donated to Chao Po Khao Yai Shrine was spent after it was found to have been used inappropriately. He added the national park should also have a committee to oversee the park’s overall management.

The network president further stated that he opposes the construction of a barrier on Pha Diao Dai Cliff as it will have a negative impact on the ecosystem. He claimed that a warning sign for visitors should suffice as no one has ever fallen from the cliff.

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Reporter : Nuppol SuvansombutRewriter : Rodney McNeil National News Bureau & Public Relations : http://thainews.prd.go.th

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