EAST SIDE SUSHI’- River City Bangkok Film Club’s next film,on Saturday 23 SEPT, 3 pm



‘EAST SIDE SUSHI’, USA | 1 Hr. 46 Mins | Directed by Anthony Lucero


With the Kind Support of the U.S. Embassy, Bangkok


This is a unique story about multi-culturalism. It is set in America, and centers around a Mexican single mother working hard at a Japanese restaurant, learning it all, and then, wanting to become a Sushi chef there.

Juana is unfazed by challenges, and takes on various jobs to support her father and young child. She has a flair for cooking, and when she takes up a job at a Sushi restaurant, she learns the art and craft of Japanese cuisine very fast. She longs to become a ‘Sushi Chef’ of the restaurant, like the other Japanese chefs in the restaurant who train her. But the owner of the restaurant is very clear of two things- that the ‘Sushi Chef’ post is only for Japanese, and only for males. Juana is very disheartened. She partakes in a TV Sushi Competition, and wonders if that will change her life.

The heart-warming film won awards at more than nine film festivals, from a ‘Special Jury Award for Bridging Cultures’, to many ‘Audience Awards’. Its multi-cultural theme has indeed, been responsible for the film’s popularity with movie-goers from around the world.


What the Critics Said:
Influx Magazine: This is a lovely little film- one that made me hungry for more.
Spectrum Culture: ‘East Side Sushi ‘has warmth and charm on its side.
DC Filmdom: America is a melting pot, and ‘East Side Sushi’ is one of the finer examples of
how cultures come together for something totally new and fresh.

Thank you to the U.S. Embassy Bangkok, for supporting the film.
There will be SUSHI from TUNA ICHIBAN restaurant, and drinks from CHANG Beverages,
after the screening.

The Movie Screening will be at Room 201 (Second Floor) of River City Bangkok.

For Reservations:
anusorn@rivercity.co.th / rcbfilmclub@gmail.com
Tel. 02 2370077-8 ext. 622, 701

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